Chic Steel Cable Handbags : Wiro bag


The ‘Wiro’ Bag Has an Unlikely Brutalist Finish

The ‘Wiro’ bag is an unexpectedly strong accessory for men and women alike that sports a demure style with ample durability to make it perfect for demanding lifestyles.

The bag features a main body that is crafted from leather, while the top handles are crafted from stainless steel cables that you would find keeping a suspension bridge in place. This adds inherent durability along with a masculine aesthetic that makes it perfect for storing business essentials as you head to and from the office.

The ‘Wiro’ bag has been designed by Kristof Huszar, Vanda Huszar-Polusa and Maruan Najdeh, and comes backed by a two-year warranty for the leather portion while the steel handles are sure to last a lifetime.


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