Can high calorie foods help kids gain weight?


A low-weight or disordered eating habits of your child may be a result of any latent medical issue. The doctor may advise high-calorie foods for your child to gain weight. Nutritional deficiencies, weakness, fatigue, diminished immunity and delayed growth and development are common in underweight kids. To gain weight, your child must consume calorie-dense foods instead of low-calorie foods such as baked snacks, whole grains, plain popcorn, brown bread or multi-grain bread.



Foods to be served

High calorie foods should not be mistaken with fatty foods or junk foods. Serve your child with nutritious high calorie foods such as nuts, dried fruits, low-sugar granola bar and pancakes. Lack of nutrition severely affects the growth and development of one’s body. Therefore, nutritious high calorie foods will help your child to gain weight and get adequate nutrition.

You can serve your child with a healthy pizza prepared with whole-wheat crust, low-fat cheese, tomato sauce and olive oil sprinkled on it. A dried fruit stuffed muffin with mashed banana and mini chocolate chips will serve your purpose of feeding calories to your child as well as impress his or her taste buds.



For breakfast, you can make whole wheat bread with peanut butter, jelly sandwiches, fried eggs, French toast with honey or oatmeal. For dinner, you can give your child pork chops fried in butter, mashed sweet potatoes made with butter and full fat coconut milk, cheese pasta and salads with lots of dressing.

Encourage your underweight kid to eat often; you can replace the unhealthy sodas and candy with hot chocolate milk, banana shake or any fruit juice. Your kid will definitely love it and at the same time consume healthy calories.



Limit the intake of drinks during the mealtime because an excess of drinks can make your kid feel full without consuming enough. Intake of high calorie food with physical activities will give your kid a healthy body.  Olive oil is energy-dense oil, which is also rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and antioxidants; prepare your food in it. Try preparing meals with meats such as beef and dark-meat poultry as they increase the calorie content of your child’s meals while providing the essential protein, iron and vitamins.


Consuming more calories can help your underweight child to put on few kilos and by choosing nutritious high-calorie foods; you do not have to rely on junk food to help him or her gain weight. Certain medical conditions can keep your child from gaining weight. Consult a doctor to employ a medical evaluation of your underweight kid.



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