Bold Typographic Fall Apparel : GOETZE


GOETZE Launches Its New Capsule for the FW19 Season

Berlin-based fashion label GOETZE introduces its latest collection for the Fall/Winter 2019 season and is designed to provoke thought through structure and details. The seasonal capsule celebrates life by highlighting the charming and misunderstood features that it offers. The silhouettes are explored through the adaptation of proportions, materials, and overall design styles that take place when new pieces are introduced to one’s wardrobe lineup.

The fashion label explains that the capsule is directed from an angle of a small town boy, one who “aspires to be a Latin lover” or a young teenager looking for his first interview outfit. It encapsulates the clumsy nature of life, whilst exploring innovative opportunities that exist in those slight shifts. Some notable materials used to construct the pieces include cotton, satin silk, quilted cotton, and wool.


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