Bold Masculine Accessory Bags : Givenchy Tag Collection


The Givenchy Tag Collection is Modern and Eye-Catching

The Givenchy Tag Collection consists of bags for men that have been designed with high-fashion aesthetics in mind as well as bold graphics to make them anything but minimal.

The bag collection includes a bum bag, messenger and duffle that are all boldly branded with oversized text to clearly communicate the high-end nature of the accessory to onlookers. This speaks to the resurgence of blatant branding where fashion companies are openly covering merchandise with their name to let consumers proudly wear their fashion choices on their sleeve.

The Givenchy Tag Collection is available now for purchase after being debuted on the runway by the brand for part of its Spring/Summer 2019 collection to make them the must-have accessories for the upcoming season.

Image Credit: Givenchy


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