Benefits of glutathione antioxidant and why you need It


Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to the human body in several ways. Our body needs antioxidants so as to stabilise free radicals and prevent damage. Some of the common antioxidants are vitamin A, carotenoids, lutein, lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium. These are found in natural foods such as vegetables, fruits and grains. 

We are always on the look out for products or things that can safeguard us from health hazards. When it comes to a product with high levels of antioxidants, glutathione acts as an important antioxidant. Glutathione is found naturally within cells and can render protective benefits.

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a mixture of glutamate, cysteine and glycine amino acids. These amino acids combine to form glutathione peroxidase, a powerful antioxidant. Glutathione is sometimes referred to as ‘mother of all antioxidants’ because of a great range of benefits that it offers.

Owing to the presence of sulphur, glutathione attracts and traps harmful substances in the body such as free radicals and heavy metals. These substances are then purged from the body. The antioxidant is responsible for repair and synthesis of DNA in humans. Moreover, glutathione can boost the function of the immune system, reduce the risk of diseases, slow the ageing process and provide many other health benefits. 

Benefits of glutathione

Revs metabolism – Glutathione is known to have the ability to assist the body in metabolizing toxins and carcinogens. In this way, glutathione keeps the body strong, free from harmful foreign substances and prevents diseases.

Protection against hydrogen peroxide – The antioxidant offers protection against hydrogen peroxide, a strong oxidizing agent that can cause severe cell damage. Moreover, studies have indicated that glutathione antioxidant may play an important role in treatments of Parkinson’s disease.

Keeps diseases away – People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, chronic infections, cancer, autoimmune disease, autism and diabetes have low glutathione levels. Therefore, increasing the level of this antioxidant may prevent these diseases in such people.

Skin care benefits – There are several skin care products that use glutathione for skin whitening. Not just to improve skin’s tone, glutathione is extremely effective against blemishes and ageing. 

Natural sources of glutathione

Several foods carry glutathione naturally. A diet that has glutathione reprocesses antioxidants, cleanses the body and ascertains better physical and mental health. Onions, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach are some of the vegetables that are rich in glutathione. Among other sources of glutathione are peaches, strawberries, watermelons, eggs and lean meats such as fish.

Glutathione can be taken orally. You can get these pills from drug stores or online pharmacies. Before considering glutathione pills, you must check first with your doctor.





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