Ayurvedic remedies to boost breast milk



Why breast feeding is important?

Breast milk for an infant is the only food and is more effective than many of the vaccines. It is a very important source of nutrition for babies. Breast milk is not only beneficial for baby but also for mother. Breast milk has the capability to boost the immune system of babies, increase the memory and IQ, reduces the risk of cancer, breast milk can reduce the risk of chronic conditions, it minimizes the risk of SIDs by fifty percent, and breast feeding helps a mother reduce the risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis, it helps the mothers reduce the post delivery blood loss and also the uterus returns to the normal size fast.



Mothers these days sometimes feed their newborns formulas but no formula is better than breast milk as it morphs to meet your baby’s changing needs.



Why there should not be low milk supply?

It so happens that sometimes mothers are unable to suffice the need of milk due to numerous causes such as not being able to produce milk due to illness, or some women consume birth-control pills that also affects the milk production, there are certain hormonal disorders and the most common cause of reduced breastfeeding is painful and sore nipples. Yes, babies sometimes chew on the nipples resulting in cracked nipples that become painful for mothers while breastfeeding.



Some simple ways to increase breast milk

  • Though you can only wait for the cracked or pained nipples to heal, you can always use these home remedies to increase breast milk.
  • Take some fenugreek seeds and crush them to powder. Now take 1 tablespoon of this fenugreek powder in a glass of milk. You can use cow, camel or goat milk. Drink 3 glasses of this milk daily and it will stimulate the milk producing glands. However, if you have asthma, you must avoid this home remedy.
  • Another way to increase breast milk is drinking half glass of drumstick juice daily. Drumstick juice will stimulate mammary glands and also will unclog your veins around your breasts, resulting in increased supply of milk for baby.



Some small tips to keep a good supply of breast milk

  • New mothers should keep your body hydrated by drinking water and juices entire day.
  • Have diet with an increased calorie intake.
  • You can use warm compress on your breasts before every breastfeeding session.


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