Attention! You have been eating fruits the wrong way


Fruits are natural sources for a good health as they are full of nutrition, along with healthy fiber and cancer fighting antioxidants. It’s no news that fruits are good for you, but there are certain important factors that you should know before taking a bite. Here are some common mistakes that could be sabotaging the benefits of the fruits you eat.



You think all fruits are created equal

A cup of pineapple or a bowl full of blueberries? Which one would you go for? Both the fruits contain vitamins that are excellent for you, pineapple contains folate and vitamin B6 while blueberries are full of fiber and vitamin C. However the content of carbs, sugar and fiber is different in both the fruits. 

You’re eating unlimited amounts

There are so many weight loss plans that allow you to eat many fruits as you wish to. But that might not be a smart thing according to experts. You have to watch out the amount you are eating because fruits with the higher glycemic index can flood your bloodstream with glucose and calories and lead to weight gain. So, now the important question arises how much should one eat? As per the recommendation of USDA, adults should eat 2 cups a day depending upon their fitness level as well as age. So, if you want to eat berries, use a measuring cup instead of a regular bowl. While going for a whole fruit pick the smaller banana or apple instead of the supersized in order to avoid eating several servings at once.


You’re not making different choices based on your hunger level

What do you do when your tummy begins to growl and dinner is still a few hours away?  Most people can’t decide whether they are hungry or they are just craving for something to satisfy the sweet tooth. Well, it’s important to decide it before you munch on something. Eating a large apple will give you 120 calories but a small one will give just 53. Also, some people compare apple and oranges when making their selection, however you will be shocked to know that a large orange contains as many calories as a small apple.


You’re eating fruits in isolation

A piece of fruit is anytime better than a candy bar, but consumption of fruit can still increase your blood sugar levels. However, pairing it with some protein rich food, for example, a piece of cheese or nut butter, you can eliminate the problem. Wondering how this combination works? Well, while fruit will increase insulin levels, the protein will increase the production of the hormone glucagon. These two hormones then work together and stabilise blood sugar levels.


You’re not eating organic

Buying organic fruits may cost you more, but many experts believe it’s worth it, especially for some certain varieties. When you buy organic versions of fruits that are known to contain a lower amount of pesticides, you actually limit your exposure to such pesticides and get more nutrients.


You’re not eating the skin

Most of us don’t enjoy eating the peel but it’s actually the best part when it comes to vitamins and antioxidants. Yes, you read that right peels of fruits such as apples are packed with fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin A.  According to a research eating a fruit along with the skin may help reduce the risk for obesity and cancer.


Juices can’t be as good fruits

If you take most of your fruits in the form of juices, you are missing on the fiber that you could have got had you eaten the fruits as a whole. Moreover, you can also end up drinking more juice as compared to the fruits that you might eat as a whole, which may increase the calorie and added sugar intake.


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