Antitheft Sport Duffle Bags : Activcargo Tribal


The Activcargo ‘Tribal’ Sports Bag Organizes and Protects Your Gear

Partaking in sports practice outdoors usually means leaving your items unattended for extended periods, so the Activcargo ‘Tribal’ sports bag has been created to help offer a way to offer advanced protection against theft. The duffle bag is integrated with a three-digit combination lock on the front that will secure the zipper to the main compartment, while at the same time looping a steel cord around a fence or post. This will enable athletes to keep their personal items safe from thieves and also eliminate the need to store items in a traditional locker, which can be cumbersome or limited in terms of space.

The Activcargo ‘Tribal’ sports bag also features an integrated rain cover to further protect the bag from inclement weather.


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