Antiperspirant Cashmere Sweaters : The Super-Raw


The Super-Raw recently announced the launch of its new line of stylish, antiperspirant cashmere sweaters. The collection was designed by Italian entrepreneur Alp Kadioglu, who was frustrated with the frequent sweat stains that became present when wearing traditional cashmere sweaters in cooler weather.

This problem inspired Kadioglu to create a fabric that keeps you warm in cold weather while letting you breathe when you enter heated interior spaces. The sweaters work to keep your body’s temperature regulated to avoid unattractive sweat marks. The sweaters are made from a blend of high-quality cotton from America, premium silk from Turkey, and ultra-fine white cashmere from the Himalayas.

The Super-Raw’s antiperspirant cashmere sweaters come in two styles including the ‘Round-Neck’ and the ‘V-Neck.’ They are available in multiple colorways including ‘Alpine White,’ ‘Pigeon Blue,’ and ‘Winy Red.’


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