And this is why you must try the latest hair color trend, hair strobing


After watching about ten to twenty makeup tutorials, I mastered the art of face contouring but then I was hit by another style trend hair contouring. Yes, there is a thing called hair contouring as well, commonly known as hair strobing. After coloring, dyeing and highlighting are hair strobing is the latest fad, born this year.



We witness a new beauty trend being born every day. Many beauty trends die and come back to life on and off. Now, we all know what face contouring is and now, the latest trend is hair contouring.


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What is hair strobing and how is it different from highlights?

Hair contouring is something to hair layage, where you create the look of sun kissed hair. You basically add highlights to your hair with a prominent and well-thought placement. Now, many people took it as hair highlighting but the concept is nothing like hair highlight. Hair strobing has highlights specific to your hair’s base color, face shape and skin tone.


Yes, hair strobing is the latest fad after coloring, dyeing and highlighting. Hair strobing or hair contouring is entirely different from face contouring and far more complicated. Hair strobing highlights blend naturally with your base hair color and facial features. If done in right manner, hair strobing can do wonders to your overall look.


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How is it done?

Color that is two shades lighter or darker than your base hair color. A wave of light effect is created and the glossy highlights frame your face. Basically, the strobing is not just about the hair color, it is about your entire face. The natural hair color, complexion and skin tone is taken in consideration. A shade is chosen based on features like natural hair color, skin tone and complexion.


The craze has taken the fashion world with a storm. American model Gigi Hadid is rocking this latest style. Her highlights are segmented than blended with the right balance of light shade. She has the perfect strobing effect.


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