Aircraft Instrument-Inspired Timepieces : Automatic Pilot Watches


The NAV-03 Series Automatic Pilot Watches are Durable

The NAV-03 Series Automatic Pilot Watches have been created by designer Brendon Nunes as a lineup of timepieces for consumers who are seeking a modern interpretation of classic aviation equipment. Inexpensively priced and crafted with an attention to quality, the timepieces are all inspired by the primary flight instruments that can be observed in the cockpit of virtual every aircraft out there. This brings a touch of aviation excellence to the wearer’s wrist that will let them show off their prowess for air travel or as a chic finishing touch for those with a penchant for premium timepieces.

The NAV-03 Series Automatic Pilot Watches come in either stainless steel or black PVD sandblasted finishes to help them stand out or be a subtle statement piece in any outfit.


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