Accordion-Style Urban Knapsacks : Pleatpack


The ‘Pleatpack’ Backpack Expands and Contracts According to Needs

Efficiency is a top priority for many urban consumers who require a comfortable, organized way to go about their daily routine, so the ‘Pleatpack’ backpack has been designed with this in mind. The ultra-slim pack is designed with an accordion-style series of pleats that can be expanded or contracted according to your needs on any given day. This makes it ideal for commuting periods when you only need space for your laptop and perfect for times when you need additional space for supplemental gear.

The ‘Pleatpack’ backpack is crafted with durable water-repellent 600B fabric on the exterior to protect items within from inclement weather. The anti-theft design of the pack prevents thieves from gaining access without your knowledge to keep you safer when going about your daily routine or whilst traveling.


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