6 signs that will tell you if the food on your plate each day is healthy or not


A good diet is a blessing. A good diet is happiness that you experience when you see an eggplant sprout in your backyard. A good diet is what makes up a healthy body, a healthy mind. It is true that what you eat is what you are. So, how do you know whether what you are eating is right or not? Our guide will help you.

You avoid sugar and industrial foods that contain it

If you have a hatred towards the sugar fraternity, your diet is good. An average Indian diet consists of lots of processed foods, sweetened condiments, fast foods, etc. To make a good diet part of your life, these foods will have to be proscribed.

You have a healthy weight

If your weight is within the normal weight range that is recommended for your height and age, you are having a healthy diet. Your diet has the right number of calories that you need. One of the most common mistakes that dieters make is that they avoid eating enough food, which puts their health at risk of diseases. As long as you live an active lifestyle, you do not have to worry about the right number of calories being consumed.

You have a clear vision

Consumption of a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits instead of processed ones ensures that the eyes are healthy. Foods that are high in sugar caused swelling in the eye and impair the vision. Consuming good nutrition reduces the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration that can further lead to blindness.

You have a restful sleep

Diet that is filled with processed foods contains artificial ingredients, salt, sugar, caffeine and white flour does not provide the body with all the nutrients that it needs. Consuming these foods puts pressure on the body to make use of its rest time in processing sugars as well as empty nutrition.

Your bowel movements are regular

Fibre that is gathered from grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and an adequate amount of water help the body to get rid of toxins. The longer the foods stays inside the digestive system, the more toxins as well as calories build up, resulting in weight gain and more damage from toxins taken from processed foods. Toxins present in the colon should be gotten rid of on a daily basis.

You have healthy bones

Bone cells in our body are being replaced constantly. The vitamins and minerals present in a good diet ensure that the bones can absorb all the calcium present in the body to develop stronger bones. Moderate level of resistance training along with consumption of a balanced diet ensures that one develops stronger bones.

While a good diet can ensure that you have a powerhouse of wellness right there, not all is achieved if you do not participate in moderate, regular exercising. The importance and interdependence of both of these factors for great health just cannot be ignored. 

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