5 foods you need to avoid eating in the morning for weight loss


A nutritious breakfast can set the tone for a healthy day, but it can be detrimental to consume what you think is healthy when it actually is not. So, here is a list of breakfast foods that can be bad for your health.

Low or no-fibre cereals

Cereals that are high in carbohydrates as well as sugar and low in fiber will make one’s blood sugar levels spike and then quickly drop. This can lead to mid-morning cravings as well as moodiness. Nutritionists recommend that one prefer a cereal that is 3 grams of fiber per serving. You may also boost the fiber content by adding berries, and sprinkling flaxseed or wheat germ and sliced almonds.

Breakfast bars

Most breakfast bars are packed with protein and fiber and of course, a lot of sugar. Experts recommend that one look for a combination of protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Non-fat yogurt

A low-fat yogurt is not a knock against dairy, but it poses a problem when too small a meal is consumed. A lot of people end up eating too little for breakfast and then suffering from bouts of hunger by the middle of the day. Depending on the weight as well as level of activity, one must consume calorie range of 250 to 400. If you must eat a non-fat yogurt, add oatmeal to it to make it a complete, energy-boosting meal.


Your favourite whole fruit squeezed into a glass of juice may be the highlight of your breakfast meal, but you must be wary of the repercussions. A lot of people also equate a glass of juice for a meal, which is downright wrong and unhealthy. A glass of juice is filled with carbohydrates and sugar. The juice also does not balance it out with other nutrients. Moreover, going for cold-pressed green juices does not help in making up for the nutrients that are lost as a result of eating a solid breakfast. These juices do not have enough protein, which can therefore, increase hunger by mid-morning.


Doughnuts are another breakfast foods that you must avoid because they are full of sugar, refined carbs and deep-fried fat. You may occasionally treat yourself with a doughnut but if you are inevitably going to indulge, make sure you pair the doughnuts with fat or protein. This will help to stabilise blood sugar and help you to avoid an energy crash.

Now that you know what foods to avoid, make sure you substitute these for their healthier variants or look for completely different, safer options.

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