5 Amazing health benefits of cow ghee


Sprinkling a little ghee to add flavour to your food can sometimes, invite a lot of thinking session. The skepticism is born because of the common belief that eating ghee can add flab to your body. And, if you are one of those paranoid lot, here is some reality check for you. Cow ghee is considered to be one of the healthiest dairy products because of its numerous health benefits.

What is cow ghee?

When cow milk is slightly caramelized into smooth butter, it is known as ghee. In the process of clarification, the milk soloed present in the butter are removed. This makes ghee a comfortable food for people who are lactose intolerant. Ghee carries a higher smoke point, which means it is always beneficial to heat it before consumption. To know more about its hidden benefits, read on.


With just one tablespoonful of ghee, you can get a whooping 470 KJ of energy. Ghee contains many medium chain fatty acids that can be directly absorbed into the liver and burnt as energy. People who indulge in rigorous physical activities can benefit from one teaspoonful of ghee, if eaten right before exercising.


Ghee can boost your digestive system in various ways. It contains a short chain butyric acid that acts as intestinal bacteria and a well-functioning digestive system means a good appetite.


Your immune system will be largely benefited with regular consumption of ghee. The butyric acid found in cow ghee can enhance production of T cells in the body. It is these T cells that that carry out the function of boosting the immune system against allergens and foreign particles that enter the body.


Regular application of ghee on skin can benefit your skin to a very large extent. Ghee is a natural moisturizer and a light massage with it can make your skin supple and soft. Cow ghee can be an effective remedy against chapped lips also.


Cow ghee has been an age old remedy for treating cough. You may either eat a teaspoonful of warm ghee directly or make a herbal concoction. Fry a cinnamon stick in ghee and let it cool slightly. Remove the stick and swallow it.

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