3 simplest mantras to beat weight gain after 30


Weight gain after 30 years is a common phenomenon that affects men and women alike. As one gets older, he/she becomes engaged in other chores of everyday life such as that of work and family responsibilities, which may leave no time for exercising or even preparing healthy meals. When one turns 30, his/her body’s metabolismslows down inferring that the person burns fewer calories than what he/she used to during 20s. Women tend to gain more weight than men because of the hormone changes post pregnancy and menopause. Here are ways you can beat weight gain after 30.


Stress little

For a lot of people, cutting through 30 is about focussing on career goals, stepping into the realm of getting married and having a family. With the most important changes in life happening during this period of one’s life, there is a decent chance that one gets stressed to the extremes. Researchers have tried to establish a relationship between stress and weight gain. Cortisol is a hormone that releases in the body when a person is in stress. People, who snack in to beat stress, the researchers recommend engaging in activities such as watching a movie, reading, playing with kids, taking the dog for a walk, listening to music or calling a friend.

Strict healthy diet

If a person has embraced his/her indolence for years until 30 and cared less about healthy food, now is the time to. Considering that the metabolism slows down after 30, one may need fewer calories. Therefore, weight gain can be beaten by limiting the intake of high sugary and fatty food that is low in nutrition. Include lean meats such as chicken and grilled fish in your diet. Some good choices of good and healthy calories include spinach, tomatoes, blueberries, whole grains and soy.

Boost metabolism with cardio

Cardiovascular exercises are especially important for people over 30 as they help in boosting metabolism. Not only does one burn calories while exercising, but boosts metabolism for over 24 hours after the workout. To ensure that one sticks to his/her cardio regimen, choosing an activity that he/she likes is likely to help keep oneself motivated. Some interesting cardio activities include stationary indoor cycling, biking, kickboxing, power-walking etc. One must do some form of cardiovascular exercise at least four to five times a week for about 40 minutes per session to keep getting closer to the goal.

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