3 Innovative and healthy breakfasts for children


Making kids eat their meal is almost an uphill task because; kids these days are more inclined towards junk food and home cooked food is not that appealing to them, which one of the biggest reasons why kid do not eat their lunch.


Well, I still remember my school days and I also remember my boring lunch box that never had anything special. Yes, years back there were no innovations; I remember normal aloo paranthas, rajma chawal and other ordinary foods and nothing interesting. However, today’s kids go for the taste and presentation, not giving much thought to the nutrition. If their food isn’t looking good and is not good in taste, they will not eat it.
These days, if you want your kids to finish their lunch, you will have to put a little more effort and turn their lunch into something more interesting. Here are some delicious yet healthy tiffin ideas for your kids.


Kids abhor vegetables. There is something about vegetables that make kids run away but at the same time, if your kids are not having their vegetables, they are missing out on loads of nutrients. These veggie sandwiches can solve your problem. Take vegetables like carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables that can be eaten in raw form. Slice the carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and separate the leaves of cabbage. 

Now, add some cheese spread, some mayonnaise, teaspoon mustard, some celery seeds and salt as per taste to all the vegetables except the tomatoes because salt will make them water. Now, you have prepared your version of coleslaw. Keep this mixture in the fridge.

While making sandwiches, spread the coleslaw over the bread and then add the sliced tomatoes. You can also add some chicken salami slices if your kids like chicken. Cut the sandwiches into quarters and serve with homemade ketchup.

Fried rice

Make normal fried rice but to turn your regular fried rice more interesting, add a variety of vegetables. Kids tend to be inclined towards the presentation of food. So, to add colour and taste to your fried rice, you can just add red, yellow and green capsicum to your fried rice along with other colourful vegetables like beet, onion, green beans and spring onions. You can also add small pieces of pineapple in the fried rice for a unique sweet and spicy taste to your fried rice. 

Delicious rolls

Heat some oil in a shallow pan. Add chopped opinions on it, sprinkle some oregano and salt. Now sauté for about some minutes until the opinions turn translucent. Now, chop vegetables like bells peppers, cabbage, carrots, beans and other vegetables of your choice. After cooking for about a couple of minutes, add a tsp coriander powder, a tsp red chilli powder and a pinch pepper powder.  Do not overcook. Let the mixture cool down. (If your kids like chicken, you can add small chicken pieces as well while cooking)

Take some chapattis and add the cooked vegetables. Add some mayonnaise and roll them. Your rolls are ready.



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