Why Ivanka Trump wants to extend the child tax credit


THERE were hopes, in the early days of the Trump administration, that Ivanka Trump would be a moderating influence on her father. She encouraged them, by talking up the progressive causes she claimed to cherish: climate change, the rights of gay and transgender Americans and immigrants; gender equality. But these are areas in which Mr Trump has introduced some of his most regressive policies. He has withdrawn America from the Paris agreement and said he would ban transgender soldiers from the military. He has repeatedly sought to curb travel to America from some Muslim countries and said he would ditch a programme that protects undocumented immigrants, brought to America as children, from deportation. 

In August Ms Trump, an unpaid adviser to the president with an office in the West Wing, was herself charged with announcing a plan to scrap an equal-pay initiative of the previous administration. Requiring companies to report salary data by gender alongside other information about their workers, it had been hailed as a modest first…Continue reading

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