Top 100 Menswear Trends in 2017


From Pop Art Streetwear Collections to Sock-Like Sneaker Designs

These 2017 menswear trends range from sock-like sneaker accessories to streetwear releases that draw inspiration from both pop culture and the art world.

From Vetements’ ironic ‘Staff’ t-shirt re-release to Supreme’s collaboration with Vanson Leathers, the recreation of uniform or utilitarian apparel is being embraced by a number of major players within the fashion industry. While Vetements’ best-selling statement tee mimics the standard uniform of concert security and staff, Supreme’s unique collaboration is a remixed take on classic racing jackets, and features patchwork detailing that signifies its limited edition run.

Other 2017 menswear trends to note include custom-designed formal apparel with an athleisure sensibility — Reebok recently announced a partnership with tailors in order to ensure its ‘Flexweave’ material can be incorporated into suiting for added comfort. Additionally, Uniqlo’s t-shirt vending machines make clothes more conveniently available to those on the go while promoting the retailer’s accessible business model.


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