Simplistic Portland Fashion : Olderbrother


The New Olderbrother Collection Was Presented with a Lookbook

Olderbrother, a clothing label that’s based out of Portland, Oregon, recently unveiled a new collection, which was promoted with a stylized lookbook that’s inspired by clothing that’s passed on, which is where its title, ‘Hand Me Downs,’ comes from.

Spotlighted in the lookbook are a range of highly simplistic garments, such as white linen button-ups, plain tees in muted and monochrome colorways, straight-legged jeans, denim shirts, and pullovers. Although the vast majority of the pieces are mark-free, they have an aged look to them that gives them the appearance of being well-worn. In addition, some of the pieces boast patchwork embellishments, which further contributes to this unique aesthetic.

Image Credit: Dorien Jimenez / Fucking Young!


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