Saudi music video on woman driving goes viral


Band praises decision to allow women to drive and encourages women to seize their independence

Image Credit: YouTube Screengrab

Jeddah: The Jeddah-based Saudi band Most of Us recently released the song Saudi Girls Will Drive in support of the new law that allows women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Being touted as a rock anthem, the song, which encourages women to become independent has garnered more than 90,000 hits on the first day of its release.

Speaking to Gulf News, the band said they were shocked but happy about the rapid success of the song.

The video starts with band members two band members—Sharani and Hawari—sitting in the back of a SUV as a Saudi woman drives them to the studio where they start recording for the song.

As Hawari and Sharani take their places on the drums and guitar respectively, Hatrash lends his melodious voice to the meaningful lyrics, “No more driver, Uber or taxis to take you any place. Like a true Arabian girl, you were born to shine like a pearl. Now it’s time to drive, drive me around.  Saudi girls will drive, Sister you will drive … Instead of riding in the backseat, come on over and take the wheel.”


“We tried to make it as fun as possible while highlighting the endless possibilities the decision brings for women,” said Hatrash, who came up with the idea for the song.

Sadiya is a freelance journalist based in Jeddah


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