Reconstructed Designer Streetwear : Vetements


The Vetements Spring/Summer Boasts Unconventional Fusions

French designer clothing and footwear label Vetements recently updated its selection of offerings with its Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

The collection includes a range of tees, long-sleeve shirts, denim pieces, hats, sock-like sneakers, and more. Although there’s plenty of pieces for those who appreciate more minimalist aesthetics, the Vetements collection focuses on reconstructed garments too, with many of the pieces characterized by combined fabrics, branding, and even styles. For example, one long-sleeve shirt is made up of the cut-outs of gray, black, and blue shirts, all of which have different graphics and lengths.

The Vetements Spring/Summer 2018 collection has a wide range of styles for both women and men, with all of the pieces available on its website.


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