Rapper-Inspired Clothing Lines : fear of god


Fear of God’s New Clothing Line Was Inspired by Jay Z’s 4:44 Album

The grungy streetwear brand Fear of God has released a clothing line that pays homage to Jay Z’s most recent album 4:44.

Inspired by the critically acclaimed album, this line features long-sleeved shirts, oversized leather jackets, sweaters and more, all of which boast Fear of God and Jay Z’s 4:44 text. According to the brand, the bible scripture that reads “A prophet is without honor in his own country,” that influenced the rapper’s album and served as the over arching theme of this collection. Fear of God’s founder Jerry Lorenzo claimed that the clothing series serves as a reinterpretation of the “creative conversations” in the album.

The entire collection is available at the House of God pop-up in Los Angeles.


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