Maven-Branded Fashion Lines : ‘steve jobs’ brand


The ‘Steve Jobs’ Brand Sells Denim, Apparel, and Fashion Accessories

In the world of business, one’s name is bond, and the ‘Steve Jobs’ brand took that tenet literally. The Italian clothing design company recently won a long legal battle with Apple, giving it free reign to use the late tech impresario’s full name as the name for the company.

Considering Jobs’ fame and success in the business world, its no wonder that the ‘Steve Jobs’ brand opted to name itself after the man — even if the denim, accessories, and clothing that it offers is barely tangentially related to Jobs’ work at Apple. Jobs himself wasn’t exactly known for being stylish either, with a jeans and black turtleneck combo that was often teased, but the ‘Steve Jobs’ brand’s clothing is far more in line with modern style.

The legal victory and subsequent branding shows the importance of making a splash with one’s fundamental brand components.


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