Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard want to go on a double date wit…

  • It can be a tricky to find a great couple to double date with. You have to mesh with them AND your partner has to mesh with them.

  • But it’s pretty obvious who the perfect double-date couple is: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard (duh). They are cute and talented and don’t mess around when it comes to having fun.

  • And guess what – they’re actually offering to be your double-date friends for real.

  • Here’s what they’re offering:

  • They will fly you to Los Angeles and set you and your date up in a 4-star hotel, then let the games begin for your double-date game night! There will be matching sweaters, homemade cookies, hot chocolate with little marshmallows and, of course, games. Which games? Well, they say they’ll let you choose (but their favorite is Settlers of Catan so … there’s that).

  • Basically, it’s going to be a grand night.

  • So, how to do you make this amazing night of fun a reality?

  • Kristen and Dax are asking prospective game night buddies to donate to Opening Act – a really cool program that helps students in underserved high schools learn leadership, talents and teamwork through an after-school theater program where students write, produce and perform a theater production. The amount you donate to Opening Act gets translated into entries into a lottery.

  • So donate, win and have the time of your life. Sounds easy enough.

  • If you’re interested, click here to get your donations on and meet your favorite date-night duo!

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