Joy-Anna in sex before marriage scandal, looks 24-26 weeks pregnant


Joy-Anna Duggar gave an update on her pregnancy with a new baby bump photo, but the image only fueled speculation that she conceived before marrying Austin Forsyth. An OGBYN exclusively revealed to that the Counting On star appears further along than 18 weeks!

Duggar, 19, captioned a photo of her growing baby bump, “Can’t wait to meet our baby! I got to feel it kick for the first time a few days ago!!! Soooooo amazing!!! It’s already about the size of a bell pepper and weighs around half a pound !!!”

Duggar married Forsyth on May 26. But Dr. Sean Henry, who has not treated Duggar, told Radar that she appears to be more than 18 weeks along. []

“She looks about 24-26 weeks pregnant,” Dr. Henry, who runs Dr. Sean’s Women’s Health Podcast , told Radar. “People start feeling fetal movement between 19-21 weeks. She looks bigger than 20 weeks.”

He continued that a baby typically weighs half a pound at about 19 weeks.

Followers also commented that Duggar appears to be further along than 18 weeks .

“She looks dang close to delivery,” one fan wrote. “There is something amiss about her date of conception.”

A second fan commented, “Sex before marriage is forbidden by God but you certainly had no problem with that now did you? #Hypocrites.”

The speculation started when the couple moved up their October 28 wedding to May 26, 2017.

When Duggar announced her pregnancy, Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated the reality star, told Radar that the mom-to-be looks “four to five months pregnant” based on the bump photos.

The couple has admitted to breaking courtship rules in the past.

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Forsyth touched his then-girlfriend’s hand while renovating a home even though couples are not allowed to hold hands until they are engaged.

When she accepted his marriage proposal, she gave him a full hug instead of a side hug.

“We’re humans and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules,” he said during a Counting On reunion special . “We try. That was a real hard try.

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