John Oliver Has The Answer To Britain’s Brexit Prayers: Lord Buckethea…


British Prime Minister Theresa May’s gamble failed spectacularly when her party lost its majority in Parliament in last week’s snap election. The move also threatened to send the upcoming Brexit negotiations into chaos. 

On Sunday night, John Oliver explained just how difficult those negotiations would be even in ideal circumstances. 

But the “Last Week Tonight” host also came up with an idea that could make the process more entertaining: Lord Buckethead. The costumed character/space lord, who was one of May’s opponents, won 249 votes and headlines around the world.  

Oliver urged May to name Lord Buckethead as the new Brexit minister to handle negotiations with Brussels.

“Is it an absurd idea? Yes!” Oliver admitted. “But it would not even be close to the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.”

See his full segment above. 

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