‘Husbands, we are no more entitled to a restful weekend than…


‘I’ve NEVER heard a man talk about this. Ever.’

  • Dale Partridge, a career and lifestyle coach, obviously struck a chord with a lot of women when he pleaded with husbands to do something women have been asking their husbands for a long time.

  • Recently the concept of the mental load of a woman – particularly a wife and mother – has been highlighted. Dale’s post, in part, deals with this. A mom, whether she is a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, is never done with work.

  • “She spends all week serving me and the kids. I spend all week serving the bills. Most men think it’s a fair trade, but I doubt it,” Dale writes. “Husbands, we are no more entitled to a restful weekend than our wives. The badge of ‘breadwinner’ doesn’t authorize us to escape our home duties come Saturday and Sunday. The luxury of rest is a gift many men steal from their wives each weekend. Remember, the 40-hour work week is a cultural standard, but God tells us to share our wive’s burdens and protect her from strain. It’s okay to rest, God even commands it, just make sure you’re not the only one doing it.”

  • Over 111,000 people liked the post with nearly 6,000 comments made. For some, it was a relief to hear someone else explain what had been so hard to explain before.

  • “I’ve NEVER heard a man talk about this. Ever. Wow!! And even though I’ve wondered about why this happens so often where the wife/mother ends up on full-time duty 24/7/365, I just didn’t even realize how much my heart needed to hear what you said,” Hannah Fisher wrote.

  • If you are a husband who wants to help, but doesn’t know where to start, check out these tips from real women on what they wish husbands would do when they are about to fall apart.

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