Gary Fires Back at Hater Saying He Returns to Instagram for Money


After deleting all his posts last month, Gary finally returned to Instagram on Tuesday, June 20. However, many people felt that he returned to social media because he ran out of money during his hiatus. The former Leessang member later fired back by asking if money was the most important thing in life.

Shortly after Gary posted a photo from his vacation, someone commented, “Are you back on Instagram because you don’t have enough money anymore?” Gary then responded by writing, “Is money the most important thing in your life… You should go on vacation and stuff whenever you have time.”

Although the 39-year-old rapper made it clear that money wasn’t the reason why he returned to Instagram, some people still thought that he indeed needed some money. “He is back for the money though. He hates dealing with people but his career is reliant on being known by people,” a commenter wrote on an article on Nate. “Gary doesn’t have money. He’s such a transparent person,” another commented.

However, many fans still showed support for the “Shower Later” hitmaker. “He makes enough money to live off of his royalties and building rent, I don’t get understand why anyone would go all the way to his Instagram to say things like that,” a fan wrote. Another added, “I think he just needed a break. Normally people want to run away for a bit when they get tired of everyone around them. I know some people like that.”


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