Coastal Clothing Labels : blackshore


Blackshore’s Clothing is Inspired by the British Coast

Suffolk, UK’s Blackshore is a clothing line that pays homage to its coastal heritage. The company offers men’s casual wear that’s inspired by “the spirit of the coast”, as Blackshore puts it, with designs that are both classic and functional.

Longshoremen might not be considered bastions of haute couture, but the stereotypical fisherman’s wear, including thick wool sweaters, tough terry overshirts, and durable outerwear, fit pretty nicely in line with modern fashion needs. Blackshore recognizes that, and its clothing is designed to stand the test of time for both style and durability.

As an authentically British-made line, Blackshore’s clothing is also a benefit to the local economy in the Norfolk area, showing that the brand cares about the local workers who craft the clothing they ultimately sell.


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