Chance The Rapper Shoots ‘Hyperbolic Racist’ Twitter Troll Down In Flames


The Grammy-winning musician on Tuesday delivered a fierce takedown of a Sharia-citing person on Twitter.

The exchange began when Chance tweeted a CBS LA story about men who are unsure whether they can hug women “in wake of Weinstein.”

Chance made his feelings clear, telling men: “Gross. Don’t.”

The post sparked plenty of debate, but one Twitter user took Chance’s comment to the extreme.

“So we’re cutting off all human contact between the sexes now? Isn’t that Sharia law?” asked @joeynemati, who has since set his account to private.

Chance quickly called him out:

“Stop trying to make people hug you Joey,” Chance replied. “No one wants your hugs or hyperbolic racist comparisons or unbuttoned top button.” 

The comeback went down well with other people on Twitter:


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