Canned Scented Sock Collections : Lemon Sox


‘Lemon Sox’ Offers Hosiery with a Pleasant Scent

The ‘Lemon Sox’ sock collection is here to offer men with the option to pick up a fresh pair with an unexpected sensory experience in the mix.

Featuring a pleasant scent that has been infused into every pair, the socks come in several options including ‘Cinnamon,’ ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Orange Chili.’ The three different scents can be purchased in six different patterns to satisfy your preferences for a stylish aesthetic, while the packaging is a tin can that can be recycled after you’ve cracked it open.

The ‘Lemon Sox’ sock line is reported to keep it’s unexpectedly fresh scent until the first wash, which makes them an ideal option to keep in your desk or in your car for moments when you need to fresh up between tasks.


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