Can Donald Trump work with Democrats?

Here’s hoping we meet now and then

LEGEND has it that when Ronald Reagan was president, he often ended a day of wrangling with the Democrats who then controlled Congress by calling Tip O’Neill, the House Speaker, to ask, “Is it after six o’clock?” That signalled it was time to end the partisan bickering and have a glass of whiskey together. Such shows of cross-party amity in Washington have grown rare. But the deal that Donald Trump cut with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Democratic House and Senate leaders, to lift the debt ceiling, fund the government until December and allocate $15bn in disaster relief has led some to wonder whether bipartisanship is staging a comeback.

Mr Trump seemed to promise as much. The adulation heaped on the deal by those who usually excoriate him reportedly thrilled the president, a teetotal non-smoker whose chief addiction is praise. “I think we will have a different relationship,” he said afterwards. “That’s what…Continue reading

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