Boxing-Inspired Gym Wear : Boxing-Inspired Gym Wear


P.E Nation Released a ‘United in Sports’ Stylish Sportswear Collection

Australian activewear company P.E Nation’s released a new line of boxing-inspired gym wear named ‘United in Sports.’

Bringing in the new year, the company aims to help consumers keep their New Year’s resolution of going to the gym by creating these stylish activewear options. Offered in a bold red, black and white color palette, this line consists of leggings, shorts, sports bras, t-shirts, cropped sweatshirts, tank tops and other essential sportswear styles.

Using all breathable, lightweight and loose-fitting materials, this line is comfortable enough to wear every day. All of the clothes are inspired by traditional boxing wear, creating a look that is mixed between fashionable streetwear and reliable gym clothes. Some pieces feature graphic writing of the brand’s name or the phrase “Left Hook.” P.E Nation’s daring new stylish sportswear collection is available for purchase now.


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