Billionaire Abbo Ousmanou looking for missing wheat cargo worth FCfa 3…


Since May 2017, SCMC, a local flour mill owned by Cameroonian billionaire Mohammadou Abbo Ousmanou, has been searching in vain for a cargo of wheat estimated to cost FCfa 3 billion.

According to the most famous industrialist in Cameroon’s greater north, this wheat, shipped onboard eight vessels, certainly arrived at the port of Douala, the economic capital, but never to the reached the silos of SCMC. The economic operator suspects Mr Lafontan, a former employee of the Somdiaa group recruited in 2014, and managing five of the seven companies in the Abbo group.

Mr Lafontan, we learned, covertly created, in Equatorial Guinea, a floor mill to which he diverted the cargo of raw material however purchased on behalf of billionaire Abbo Ousmanou’s SCMC.

The Cameroonian Police, who started an investigation on the curious disappearance of this wheat cargo, is also exploring, according to the victim, the possible sale, as a loan, of his cargo to local competitors, with the help of Mr Lafontan, whom the Cameroonian billionaire now speaks of in rather disparaging terms.

“Back in the day, he told me I had a good canon, but I was missing he right ammunition. Meaning people to work in my company. Today, I note that I gave every chance to Mr Lafontan to get the bullets. The canon exploded and shredded me”, said the Ngaoundéré billionaire in an interview with the daily Le Jour.

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