An America First president addresses the United Nations


THIS has been a good summer, cinematically, for the United Nations. That world body is the unlikely co-star of “Wolf Warriors 2”, a hyper-patriotic action film that has broken all box-office records in China, earning nearly $900m to date with its depiction of a former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commando battling African rebels and evil American mercenaries to rescue Chinese citizens from a war-torn African country. To the usual action-flick staples—car chases, fist-fights, crashing helicopters—the Chinese-made movie adds a fortifying dose of international law. Lantern-jawed Chinese military officers wait for the UN Security Council to approve their use of force, after asserting a legal right to self-defence. The final scenes show the hero delivering his compatriots to a base guarded by PLA peacekeepers in UN blue helmets (earlier, a Chinese-American doctor has tried summoning marines from an American consulate but hears only an answering-machine, for the yanks have run away). A Chinese passport fills the screen as the closing…Continue reading

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