7 reasons why falling in love with a woman who loves to read…


The best women are the ones with their nose stuck in a book.

  • There are lots of different types of women out in the world, but you should always keep your eye out for the ones who have their noses buried in a good book. Women who love reading are the best type of women to fall in love with – here’s why.

  • 1. Big books = big brains

  • There’s no question about it – avid readers are smarter. And you don’t want a simple wife with a simple life; you want to fall in love with big-brained woman who’ll make life intriguing.

  • 2. You’ll never see anything more adorable than a book-lover in her element

  • Picture this: you walk into your living room to see her snuggled on a couch, deeply immersed into one of her favorite books. Or this: you take her to Barnes and Noble and she turns into a kid in a candy store, gliding through the aisles in a blissfully happy trance.

  • 3. You’ll learn a lot from her

  • Whether it’s a new life perspective or a random-fun fact, she’s got a lot packed into that brain of hers after reading thousands of pages. As a bonus, she’ll be able to share a lot of that knowledge she’s gained from books with you and your children.

  • 4. You’ll never struggle to get her a gift

  • You know that horrible anxiety you get trying to come up with a gift idea for someone you love, and nothing quite seems right? Well, you’ll never, ever have that problem with her. Just make sure to check her bookshelf to see if she already has the book you’re getting her before you wrap the present.

  • 5. Your life will never be boring with her

  • There’s something about literature that gives a person big ideas and big dreams. After expanding her mind by seeing through hundreds of other people’s eyes, she’s not going to settle for a plain old provincial life.

  • 6. She’s empathetic

  • According to a 2009 psychology study, the people who are capable of the most empathy are those who regularly read fiction. So, when you’re in a relationship with a book-lover, she’ll be more open to understanding and sharing the ideas and feelings of those around her, including you.

  • 7. She has a deep soul

  • She’s no shallow magazine scanner; she’s a deep-souled, big-book delver. So get ready for having endless profound conversations and falling into a deep, intricate love.

  • Fall in love with a woman who loves more than anything to curl up with a good book – it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

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