45 Beard Care Gifts


From Gel-Infused Razors to Luxurious Beard Jewelry

Not long ago, beards were associated with hippy culture (and its attendant lack of showering), but today’s beard care gifts show that the facial growth is no longer something to be feared. People might say of the NBA player James Harden, “fear the beard”, but that slogan belies the prevalence of beards on the faces of men around the world.

Beard care is a fine art among men today. It isn’t enough to simply ignore one’s face until there’s a lot of hair on it. Men need to keep up with the sharpest and most technologically advanced razors, the most convenient and varied subscription plans, and the best and most luxuriant skincare products. Of course men need to manage all these things, because if they didn’t, it would be immediately apparent to everyone else.


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