24 Funny Amazon Reviews in 2017


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The only people we could see wearing this watch are Jack Sparrow or Criss Angel, and the only person we know who could afford it is… no one. Plus, Montegrappa is a company that mostly makes pens, so what this watch is doing out in the world, let alone on Amazon, is beyond us. It’s currently unavailable, but worth reading the reviews for.

Best review: “I needed to get ‘something new’ for my wedding day. Well, I couldn’t have picked a more flattering piece of jewelry! Nothing says ‘marriage material’ like the sweet, gold-plated combination of tangled snakes and an emblazoned skull. My guests were entranced by the eyes on the skull (which glow red when midnight strikes), and the way it complimented my new wedding band. I have to say, I had no idea how classy this watch would make me feel on my wedding day. I felt like Audrey Hepburn.” — Megan Vacanti

Honorable mention: “Thanks, Satan, for selling your watch! — BC

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