12 Cruelty-Free Coats That’ll Keep You Warm Without Down And Fur


It’s been an unbelievably chilly winter, with no end in sight. The temps are dropping low and staying low, so we’re clinging to anything and everything to keep us warm. Most will instinctively reach for some type of fur coat or down parka to block winter’s chill, but alternatives like vegan leather and faux fur are better for your conscience and your wallet.

That’s why we’ve scoured the internet for cruelty-free coats that are not only warm, but good for the environment and its furry inhabitants. Most are made with synthetic down, faux fur attachments, or recycled polyester, so you don’t have to sacrifice look, comfort, style or warmth for the sake of humanity. 

See below for 12 of our favorite cruelty-free coat picks:

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