11 adorable snapchats that will make your husband happily bl…


These adorable Snapchats are sure to leave your man blushing.

  • Your husband absolutely loves it when you flirt with him. And there are so many ways to do it, both in person and digitally. Keep your husband blushing daily with these 11 adorable Snapchats:

  • 1. This’ll give him two reasons to smile – your cheesy pickup line and your beautiful smile

  • 2. Show him the two smiling faces he loves most

  • 3. Snapchat kisses

  • 4. Make him chuckle with a silly selfie

  • 5. He loves hearing your sweet voice

  • 6. Let your child show off their artwork

  • 7. He won’t be able to resist smiling at his baby’s adorable chubby cheeks

  • 8. He’ll love seeing you bond with your children

  • 9. Send a Snapchat of you and your furry friend

  • 10. Keep him updated on Girls’ Day Out with a cute Snapchat

  • 11. Just you – keep it simple with a cute picture and caption, “love you lots”

  • If your husband doesn’t have Snapchat, send him adorable pictures through text messages instead. He’ll love seeing your smiling face in the middle of a busy day.

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