10 times when Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were the best c…


If you don’t love them, you’re crazy.

  • I’m sorry that I think Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the cutest couple; but actually I’m not sorry, because I’m right. But really. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, check this out.

  • Their classic birthday trolling is the best practical joke of birthdays

  • But they really go all out for each other on their special day

  • Even if they one of them sucks at something, they still like each other

  • (But it’s better if it’s just done right the first time)

  • I mean, look at how they always look at each other

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  • Really, all the times

  • All. the time

  • And they are so cute with their kids

  • Also there’s this

  • Basically, they’re just so cute and we love them and if you don’t, you’re crazy

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Melinda Fox has a bachelor’s degree in English and is the Sponsored Content Manager for FamilyShare.com. She loves Shakespeare, listening to her favorite songs on repeat and journaling.

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